Based in Singapore, this Dutch artist travelled around the world for 15 years before touching ground in Asia in 2014.
Since then her focus changed from her XL portraits to city portraits.

Following her passion for architecture, design and culture, Nathalie’s art is now focussed on elements of modern and historical city life.
The Singapore Heritage collection was the first serie after settling in Singapore, followed by the serie “Fragments of Europe”, made during her time back in Belgium in 2016.

“Nathalie is always on the search for new entries in her art and therefore keeps evolving and surprising with totally new styles, that’s why we keep following her”
quote, client based London.

Nathalie was previously known for her very expressive portraits and given the name of “soul painter” in Belgium. She painted the mystery of women: sensual, powerful and vulnerable. Emotions penetrate from between the layers of paint, exposing the soul of the subject.

Most of the portraits are commissioned. A few highlights: Brigitte Bardot ( presented at the LXRY fair 2013, Amsterdam), Sylvie Meis (2011), Tony Soprano (2011), Nicole Kidman, Sophia Loren (2014).
Her art is appreciated by a very divers clientele. Her clients vary from art collectors to captains of industry, sportsmen, doctors and people from the world of entertainment.

New in 2017: a limited edition related to the Singapore heritage. The technique in combination with the material is unique and not yet seen on the art market. Will be continued in 2017.